HI! My name is Brooke and that cutie right there is my husband Rhett. We just moved back from our 6 month adventure on Oahu, and we are back in Arizona while Rhett continues his journey with school! He just finished his bachelors and is pursuing his masters in Global business with Thunderbird University! Super proud wifey right here! Not only that but he is a super talented videographer. For the past year we have been working as a photo/video team and it has been amazing! I wouldn't give the time we had up for the world, but he is excited to pursue some bigger dreams that could possibly lead back into video. Who knows right? We are all still trying to figure our ish out! 

Anyway, super random husband brag post, wasn't really planning on going that direction but I'm kinda happy about it:) and I am hoping someone shares this with him so I don't have to. 


Brooke and Rhett Scheurn selfie
brooke scheurn and rhett scheurn
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love written in the sand