Hawaii Mobile Preset Pack

Hawaii Mobile Preset Pack


Introducing my new Hawaii Preset Pack!

There are 6 unique presets I created to give your photos a bright and colorful tropical feel, just in time for all your summer vacations! The lifestyle preset is the preset I use on most of my images, it is warm and vibrant but still gives you those soft edges. The Greens Preset is awesome for photos with greenery but also works really well on beach photos! The Gold Preset looks beautiful for those golden hour photos to enhance a sunset or give you those sunset tones. The Faded Preset is a great option for harsh lighting or to give your photos a more vintage postcard feel! The Sandbar Preset is great for areas with water close to the sand that you want to look crystal clear, with soft blues. This pack also contains a preset for underwater which I use on all our GoPro photos! These presets are specifically for Lightroom Mobile (not desktop). 

All sales are final. Unauthorized distribution of Brooke Scheurn presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action. 

Instructions: Once purchased, you will receive an email that contains a download link. That link will expire in 24 hours so make sure to download the preset pack within that time. An installation guide is included in the purchase. YOU CAN USE AN UNZIP APP SUCH AS IZIP TO OPEN THE ZIPFILE TO ACCESS THE PHOTOS OR YOU MUST DOWNLOAD TO A COMPUTER FIRST THEN FOLLOW THE INSTAL GUIDE.

Don't forget to hashtag #PresetsByBrooke on your photo when posting on your IG account.

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